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Solar is more affordable and accessible today because the cost of solar systems has dropped and a range of financing options can help you meet your goals. Whether you lease, take out a loan, or purchase a system, you may be able to start generating savings right away.

Solar can save you money by replacing electricity from the grid with solar electricity generated on your roof. The cost of solar plus any remaining electric bill amount may be lower than what it was before solar.


We customize your system design to fit your home.


We are with you every step of the way.


Power your home with clean reliable energy from the sun.

25 years

Panel warranty

25 years

Inverter warranty

25 years

Labor warranty

Benefits of Solar

Let’s go over some of the benefits of solar.

Texas Solar Professional is dedicated to making solar panel installation easy and accessible to all home and business owners. We’ll talk first about the savings.

Solar saves on your home energy costs. With a back-up power system, you can use the energy you’ve banked to either run your home at night or your essential appliances. Not only this, if your utility company allows, you can sell back that excess energy and receive even more savings. And most times, altogether eliminate your electricity bill completely.

If you look at it this way, during the day you’ll generate the most electricity. Especially with the family out and about at school or work or running errands. With a back-up power system, that energy will be stored for you to use later on when you get home. Any excess energy can be routed into the grid, allowing you to sell back your energy to the utility company, as their rules allow.

Next, solar is an investment in your home. When you add solar, appraisal value increases. This is something to keep in mind. Added value to your home means potential marketability and higher return once you think about selling.

In addition, solar is sustainable. It’s clean, reliable, and completely renewable. It helps you become self-sufficient, not having to worry about grid fails or annoying power outages. This is where a back-up power system is essential as that’s energy you can use. Plus, you’re saving money.

Another benefit is that Texas Solar Professional specifically designs solar for your specific situation. We have an amazing team of engineers and planners who design to your unique needs.

Lastly, what if something goes wrong? Our 25-year warranty gives you peace of mind and security. The warranty covers the solar panel, its inverter, and labor. If you end up financing for that length of time, your parts and the labor that went into it will be covered for that entire time.

Solar Installation

Solar panels
Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
An inverter converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into the alternating current (AC) electricity used in most homes.
Monitoring system
A monitoring system sends information about your solar installation, including the amount of energy it generates, to your solar provider, to maintain optimal system performance.
Utility grid
Your solar system is still connected to a local utility grid to provide power after sundown. Connection to the grid also allows your solar system to return to the grid any excess clean energy your system generates during the day. A utility meter measures your power consumption and solar output.

Project Timeline

Get consumption numbers
Make personalized proposal
Sign contract
Site assessment
Complete engineering
Permit applications
Finalize preparation for installation
Installation of solar
Final interconnection to utility grid

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