Residential Solar Panel Installation in Dallas


The use of solar power has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and many Dallas homeowners are curious about how they can take advantage of such a sustainable energy source. Installing home solar panels is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills while simultaneously reducing your home’s environmental impact.

You can rely on the experts at Texas Solar Professional for your residential solar panel installation in Dallas. We’ve been working with local homeowners for years, investing all of our time and energy in finding ways to save you time and energy. Compared to other companies in the Dallas area, we are the most qualified solar panel company with seven years of experience in the field.

If you’ve ever been interested in switching your home’s primary power source to solar, let Texas Solar Professionals lead the way for you!

Going solar can be for many reasons. We focus on customer savings and energy independence. In Texas, the first step is to identify the consumption over the past 12 months and see what the rate and fees are. Clients kWh charges can vary a lot. So kWh totals are what are needed to create a proposal. (kilo Watt hours are the unit that utility use to measure electrical consumption in the home). Ryan created his own software to look at the home on google maps and put panels on the home based off of that mapping system. Listening to input from client and discussing location of the panels. The software then calculates the production of the panels. In the consultation we discuss best strategies to save the most money for client and meet other needs that important to client often times battery back up. We will have a very accurate idea of monthly electrical consumption at this point.

Power from the solar runs through your main panel before going into the grid. That power produced is as if you never used it. The power that goes through the meter and back into the grid is then brought into an agreement with utility on the value you get from it. It is very important we go over this and understand this to move forward with your solar.

We provide many different financing options. These options are all zero down. We work together to find one that works best for the clients situation.

We keep our costs low. We are owner operators. We don’t have debt or investors and in this way are able to provide great pricing to our clients without using inferior materials. When we install solar we service it for 25 years.

Around the entire country, not just in Dallas, people are beginning to realize the potential that the sun’s energy has in powering everyday life. An excellent way for the average homeowner to take advantage of that potential is to equip their house with solar panels, which soak up the rays and turn them into usable energy capable of powering everything inside.

A big aspect of the recent “solar boom” is just how well solar energy can serve to reduce or even eliminate your energy bills, given that it’s an all-natural energy sourced from the sun itself. 

The use of solar energy makes you less reliant on your usual energy company, and less reliance isn’t just comfier for the pocketbook, either. It also means you won’t be shackled to your energy company in case of an outage, as you’ll have a separate source of energy you can access whenever you need.

No one loves receiving their monthly energy bill, and for homeowners, their typical yearly energy costs can soar into the thousands. Not to mention, in an area like Dallas, you can add some extra dollars to that number, thanks to most homes’ HVAC units fighting tooth and nail against the Texas heat.

Thankfully, residential solar panel installation in Dallas will immediately reduce your energy expenses from the moment we finish, and those savings will only grow with time, helping you put more toward other things, be they home improvement goals, long-term savings milestones, or getaways. Solar panels also significantly boost your home’s resale value; as it is so sought after, many prospective homebuyers will see your new panels as a major selling point.

Properly-installed solar panels can also help protect your roof and automatically make your home more energy-efficient, as the sun’s rays won’t blast through your roof into your home. They’ll instead get soaked up by your panels, keeping your home’s temperature more stable and preventing your HVAC system from working any harder, thereby saving you a fortune.

Many homeowners are concerned that going solar isn’t a viable option because they’ll be running off of limited or zero power on cloudy days or at night. Those factors do indeed affect how much energy your panels absorb and therefore provide, but it’s also true that how much they affect your energy levels depends on a host of other factors, including how many panels you have, whether you’ve invested in backups, and whether you still draw in energy from your power grid.

Solar panels continue to store energy even when the weather gets cloudy. The indirect sunlight can still power your home, though you may need to call for backup on heavy-use days or during extended periods of cloudiness. 

In these cases, drawing from the grid or using backups can become extremely useful, and even if you occasionally do need to dip into other resources, you’re still saving much more on energy than you otherwise would be spending without solar panels in the first place.

Backup power systems are an excellent investment for any homeowner, but they’re even more helpful for those that use solar power. A solar-powered battery backup is a perfect solution if you’re genuinely interested in lowering your reliance on the traditional power grid.

A solar battery backup will act like your solar panels, but instead of continuously feeding the sun’s energy into your home, it’ll store it away so you can access it whenever you need. 

Solar energy gets distributed through your panel to your home, where you can usually feed excess energy back to your energy company for credit. With a battery backup, though, you can also allocate that extra energy to the battery as extra insurance for cloudy days, heavy energy use at night, or during a power outage.

The battery and backup power system also work as an entity separate from your solar panels. If you’d like to stay on the grid but want a system to power your essential appliances during an outage, you can have Texas Solar Professional set you up with a solar battery backup and ensure that your home will always have power.