Oncor Incentive Program 2023


There’s never been a better time to invest in residential solar panels for your home than today. There are numerous incentives to help make financing solar panels more accessible, including the 2023 Oncor Incentive Program.As the largest power utility company in Texas, Oncor is committed to helping its customers save money and have a positive impact on the environment. You may be able to take advantage of a variety of Oncor residential solar incentives.This program helps offset the cost of new residential solar panel installation for existing homes. You could qualify for a maximum amount of up to $9,000. Combined with other available incentives, this makes residential solar panels more accessible than ever.

Who Qualifies for the Oncor Incentive Program?

The Oncor Incentive Program has a variety of conditions that need to be met. First, the program is only for existing homes owned by Oncor customers. You can’t take advantage of the program for new construction or if you rent.Your solar energy system must be new, which means that you can’t retroactively claim the benefit of an existing system. During planning for your system, your solar power company will work with Oncor to determine how much you can receive.You’ll also need to have a battery storage system installed with your solar energy system to qualify. A battery storage system stores energy from your panels during the day, allowing you to also make use of that energy once the sun goes down.The incentive is only available for systems between 3kW DC and 15kW DC. The average size of residential solar power installations is around 9kW DC, so chances are that your home’s system will fall within this range.There are also a few technical requirements for the installation. The solar array requires an azimuth between 90 and 270 degrees. The azimuth is the east-west orientation, ensuring efficient use of sunlight.The tilt angle must be between 0 (a flat horizontal panel) and your home’s latitude + 15 degrees. The optimal tilt to maximize sunlight varies depending on latitude, so there will be a difference between north and south Texas.One of the most important qualifications is that you must work with a professional solar power company. Oncor lets customers choose their service provider, but you need to ensure that your design and installation are handled by professionals.

How to Apply for Solar Financing

Applying for Oncor’s solar financing program to receive the incentive is very easy for customers. That’s because your solar power company will handle it for you. Oncor works directly with your solar installer rather than with customers directly.You can reach out to Texas Solar Professional to get started. We’ll discuss your needs and evaluate your property to determine the correct size and design for your system. Then, we’ll determine the overall cost of your system and the amount of your incentive.Oncor handles solar panel financing directly with the solar panel installer, so your incentive is applied directly to the total cost of your solar energy system. Our professionals ensure that customers get the maximum incentive for their system.

Find the Right Solar Solution for Your Needs

Texas Solar Professional is the solar power company in Dallas, TX, to handle your system design and installation. We can help you take advantage of the Oncor Incentive Program and other incentives. We can also provide a range of options when it comes to financing for solar panels. Solar loan(s), lease agreements, and other options could put affordable solar power within your grasp — no matter your financial situation.Our expert team also ensures that you get the system that best meets your home’s electrical demands. We work with quality brands and parts and include a 25-year warranty on labor and many primary components. Reach out today to get a free consultation to discuss your options and find out how much the Oncor Incentive Program and other incentives could save you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Get the Incentive Directly?

No, our team will work with Oncor to secure the maximum incentive for your solar energy system and apply it directly to your total.

Do I Get the Incentive Directly?

Yes! The Federal Solar Tax Credit was recently renewed and could help significantly reduce your income taxes, and other incentives exist as well.

Do I Get the Incentive Directly?

There are many options for how to finance solar panels. If you don’t have cash on hand, a solar panel loan can help pay for this sound investment in your home. Lease agreements are another way to save money on energy with solar power.

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