Home Solar Panels in Texas

Are you looking for a way to save on your energy bills every month while having a positive impact on the environment? Home solar panel installation in Texas offers just that. Texas Solar Professional can design and install solar panels that provide an excellent investment for your home.

Your Home Solar Panel Installation

We make professional home solar panel installation easy with our straightforward process. You can reach out to Texas Solar Professional today for a consultation with our experts. We’ll carefully evaluate your energy needs and find a solar power solution that works for you.

Our solar energy systems are designed by our team of engineers to meet your energy needs. We handle every step of the process, from seeking out the proper permits to carrying out professional installation for lasting results.

Ongoing Savings for Your Home

Home solar panel installation provides you with lasting energy savings. You’ll quickly recover your initial investment and continue to save on electricity costs for years to come, adding up to an incredible return on your investment.

Net-metering and storage systems let you save even more. Net-metering allows your system to feed excess energy into the grid during the day and provides credits to offset energy use at night. A carefully sized battery storage system can let your system power your home 24/7.

Save More with Home Solar Incentives

If you’re interested in home solar panel installation, realizing your goal could be closer than you think. A wide range of home solar incentives can make your system more affordable, reducing your total purchase cost and providing tax benefits.

Texas Solar Professional can also help you with a range of financing options. Conventional loans and solar lease agreements make it easy to access energy savings without putting significant money down.

Straightforward Maintenance

Are you worried about home solar panel maintenance? Texas Solar Professional makes it easy with professional maintenance services. Solar panel maintenance is straightforward and minimal, especially here in Texas, where snow and ice aren’t a major concern.

Your solar panel system is also backed by our 25-year warranty. Our warranty covers the solar panels, inverter, and labor that go into your home solar panel installation. You can enjoy reliable energy savings for years to come with Texas Solar Professional.

Professional Home Solar Panel Installation in Texas

Solar panel installation could be the best investment you can make in your home today. You’ll be helping the environment and reducing your energy bill month after month. Choosing Texas Solar Professional ensures that your installation is handled the right way, from the initial consultation and design to the final installation.

We’re a local business committed to providing the best for our friends and neighbors in Dallas and the surrounding areas. You can reach out to Texas Solar Professional for your free consultation — find out more about what solar power can do for your home and receive an accurate quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Home Solar Panels Increasingly Popular in Texas? 

Solar power is beneficial in regions with regular exposure to sunlight, which is the case in most of Texas. Additionally, rolling blackouts and other power outage problems have encouraged Texas residents to explore alternative options for clean energy.

How Long Is the Home Solar Panel Installation Process?

It can take up to two days to receive your solar panels once you sign the contract. After the system arrives, it will take certified technicians up to three days to complete the installation process.

How Do Home Solar Panels Work?

When sunlight hits the panels mounted to your home’s roof, the panels convert that energy into a direct current. This power then travels to an inverter, which transforms it into an alternating current — the type of electricity your home uses.

Will Texas Pay to Install My Home Solar Panels?

While Texas won’t pay the full installation cost, the state does offer a 30% tax credit for homeowners who install a solar system. Additionally, your energy supply company may credit your electric bill to compensate you for the excess power your system generates.