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Over the life of solar panels, the electricity the system generates is less than 5 cents per kWh

In addition, solar adds appraisal value to your home


Texas has an average of over 200 sunny days a year. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, in an hour and a half the amount of sunlight that hits the earth is enough to fulfill the entire planet’s energy consumption for a full year. That’s a lot of sun! Installing solar panels is the best way to take advantage of all that energy.

But maybe you’re unsure about where to start? That’s why you want to choose a solar panel company who’s looking out for your home and your needs, who’s upfront and honest, and based in your area. Texas Solar Professional is dedicated to making going solar transparent and hassle-free. Not only that, we perform installation of solar back-up systems and water-purification systems. Our main goals are making solar panel installation accessible and a great experience from start to finish.

Best Solar Power Company in Dallas TX

Texas Solar Professional offers two primary services when it comes to solar: solar panels and back-up power for solar panel systems.

Choosing a solar panel installation company in Dallas should be easy. Here’s three reasons why you should choose us:

1. We’re solar professionals. Our experts have been in the industry for over 7 years. We keep up to date with the latest technology and have tried-and-true methods for any installation.

2. We work for you. We’re upfront and honest about every step in the process. Any question you have, we’ll answer. Our experts have designed and installed hundreds of systems. We work on your schedule and are upfront with costs.

3. We’re a local business. Our hearts are here in Dallas, so you know we’ll take good care of our friends and neighbors.

Along with this, Texas Solar Professional also installs water purification systems designed for use in your home. These purification systems filter tap water and provide your home with clean, good-tasting water straight from your tap.


The main draw for solar is the possible elimination of your electricity bill. With net-metering, you may have more savings as the utility company will credit you for the electricity your solar panels generate.

The cost of solar panels has dropped over the years. It’s more affordable and feasible today than ever before. With financing options, we can give you an idea of the cost and what that looks like for you.

Not to mention the savings to the planet. Solar is a renewable energy. It generates energy from the light of the sun. Photovoltaic cells convert light to energy. An inverter turns that energy into electricity that you can use. You’ll have less dependence on grid power which uses oil or gas to generate electricity.

While this power generation is primarily during day hours, you’ll still be able to rely on the grid. However, back-up power systems from Texas Solar Professional offer even more flexibility and savings in this area.

Why Texas Solar Professional?

Why Texas Solar Professional? First, we’re experts in all things solar. Solar panel installation, planning, inverters, monitoring systems, connections, and everything solar. We keep up-to-date with the tech and with tried-and-true methods that work for your home and family. Our experts have over 7 years of experience in solar.

Next, we put you first. We customize all work to your home’s needs. In addition, we do our best to make sure you understand every step. That includes your concerns and questions. From the first meeting to the consultation to signing the contract to inspections and monitoring, we’re here to make sure all your questions are answered to the best of our ability. We want to make sure you feel prepared and are happy with your decision to go solar! You’re in the drivers’ seat.

And, finally, we’re local. Dallas is our home. We know its people, its streets, its places. We’re dedicated and invested in the area and helping its people obtain energy independence through renewable energy.

5 Easy Steps To Going Solar

Let’s look at the steps we take so you can have some idea about our process. Our first priority is making sure your renewable energy installation is hassle-free and crystal-clear. We customize everything to your needs, wants, and your home’s unique specifications. There’re 5 basic steps to going solar.

The Consultation

Once you contact us and set up your free consultation, we will arrive at your home. After getting an idea about what you’re thinking, we take a look at all the aspects of going solar, examine your home, and give you our take. Any questions or concerns you have are addressed throughout the process but especially here. This includes collecting current energy consumption numbers. When that’s done, we go and calculate a precise quote for the work. We’ll also go over financing options, lease or loan. Once you’re good and comfortable, we’ll create a personalized proposal. If this looks good, we move to the next step.

Engineering Design Plan

Our engineers design your system with the best components and latest technology. We customize it directly for your needs, preferences and home. We take into account a great deal of information to make sure you get the best installation possible. Once the contract is signed, and permits are submitted for approval we move forward to the next step.

Schedule installation

The Texas Solar Professional team then schedules installation at your convenience. With the permits approved, we can get started on installing the solar panels and necessary equipment on your roof or land. Installation generally takes 1 week.

Start saving on your electricity bill

Once the third step is complete, the system is turned on and you’re able to save on energy! Cheap, clean power and steps towards energy independence!

Spread the word to your friends

When you refer a friend, we’ll send a check for $500 if they sign-up for solar with us. This is a great way to save even more money on your installation.

That’s it! The overall process length depends mostly on the project's specifications and what your home needs. Whether you’re shopping around for solar companies in the Texas area or just curious, Texas Solar Professional experts are here to answer all your questions. Our consultation is always free.

Back-up Power Systems and Water Purification

Texas Solar Professional also installs back-up power systems for solar panels on homes or businesses. In addition, we set up water purification systems. If you’d like more information on these services, check out their pages in the menu bar.

Get Your Complete Residential Solar Power Home Back-Up System Now!”

Texas Solar Professional is your best bet when it comes to solar energy. We install panels with your input and unique needs every step of the way. We’re a locally owned company, working with the latest technology. Our consultations are always free. Complete the form below or give us a call at +1 (469) 581-0008 and one of our friendly Solar Power Consultants will be happy to assist you. We’re ready to help you save money on your energy costs and save the planet at the same time!.

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